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10 of the Industries WARE Serves

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Aug 18, 2016 11:37:54 AM



Boiler Systems are a part of almost every major industrial process. Thirty-seven percent of the fossil fuel burned in US, is burned to heat boilers.

This steam energy is then used for heating processes, concentrating and distilling liquids, and much more. WARE has over 60 years of experience serving well over a dozen industries throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Texas, and surrounding regions. We're trusted by major companies like: International Paper, Georgia Pacific, BP Amoco, Chevron, Honeywell Intl., Buffalo Trace, Fruit of the Loom, Dean Foods, General Mills, and Hershey - just to name a few.

Discover more about WARE by taking a look at 10 of the most common industries WARE serves:

Oil and Petroleum Industry

The oil and petroleum industry is one of the largest industries that WARE serves. Though most of us are pretty excited about the low gas prices we've had recently, the oil industry doesn't share the enthusiasm. With the recent downturn of oil prices, it's important that companies in this industry are intentional in cutting unnecessary costs while increasing efficiency. This is where we shine. At WARE, we strive to provide great service and ensure safety while maximizing efficiency, so your company can operate at its maximum potential with lower costs.

Travel Industry

From airports to cruise lines, we've got you covered. The travel industry globally is worth over 8 trillion dollars. Companies can't afford to risk a boiler explosion or breakdown, there's too much at stake. We're here to make sure that you don't experience major revenue loss because of a maintenance, or even worse, a safety issue. Steam also plays a major roll in cruise ship building. Wood cannot be bent without the use of steam, and therefore is essential to the production of cruise ships (and other wood-based products).

Distillation Industry

Kentucky is known for its bourbon, and at WARE we are known for providing state-of-the-art boilers for some of the industry's biggest names. Heat is an essential part of the complex distillation process because it involves selective evaporation and condensation. In the continuous-still process, live steam generated by a boiler is used as the heat source. It is dispensed into the bottom of the still, while the liquid is poured in near the top. Distillation techniques may vary subtly depending on the type of spirit, but essentially, it involves vaporizing the alcoholic liquid to separate the alcohol from the water and some of the congeners. Some spirits then go through an aging or blending process. For more information, check out our blog on Kentucky Distilleries.

Automotive Manufacturing Industry

The automotive industry is growing and changing rapidly. With the new "intelligent cars" on the market, a lot of challenges are coming to light. Steam plays a huge role in the automotive industry. Some assembly lines are powered electrically, but many are powered by steam. Steam powered cars are even predicted to make an "epic comeback."

Food Processing Industry

Extrusion is a form of processing food through a barrel and forcing it through a die to create a shape. Foods like Cheese Puffs, Doritos, Skittles, and many, many more are all created through food extrusion or processing, which all relies on a boiler system. The process of extrusion begins with a hopper where all the ingredients go inside of a tube with a cutting die at the end. When the ingredients enter the hopper they are mixed as they move along. Eventually, the food reaches a cutting die and pushes it through. Then, you have your favorite snack foods - with boilers to thank. U.S. food manufacturers utilize more than 10,000 industrial boilers.

Healthcare and Hospitality Industries

Both hotels and hospitals individually shelter hundreds of people on a daily basis. Boilers are used a great deal in these industries because the systems permit high energy densities and enables huge amounts of energy to be moved around with ease. This leaves no room for mishaps when it comes to boiler function and safety. Regular maintenance is key for longterm safety and functionality. Check out more about our safety initiative here.

Textile and Apparel Industries

The textile and garment industry is worth over $3,000 trillion globally. In an industry where products go out of style every season, the demand for production is always increasing. It is a diverse and multifaceted industry that includes dyeing, knitting, weaving, and spinning mills. Steam plays an important roll in the coloring and printing process of textiles and garments.

Paper Processing Industry

From forestry to the paper sitting on your desk, boiler's are used throughout the entire wood product process. Wood pulp is made by placing the wood chips into a digester, much like a pressure cooker, with water and white liquor. High-pressure steam, around 340-350 degrees, is placed in the vessel. The high-pressure steam forces the white liquor into the wood chips and the cellulose fiber is separated from the lignin. You are then left with a pulpy consistency and black liquor, which is then put into processing to produce paper products. Moisture is removed from the wood pulp by being pressed in various steps. In the final step of the paper making process, the remaining wood pulp is rolled between large steel cylinders that are injected with high pressure steam.

Maritime Shipping Industry

Steam is an important part of shipping. Boilers feed steam to the main engines to propel the ship, and they also make steam for dynamos and heat exchangers to generate electricity and hot water. As we said above, wood cannot be bent without the use of steam, and bending wood is used for many different applications such as furniture making, decorative pieces, and ship building. Therefore, steam is an essential part of the shipping process. Check out how steam is used in Nuclear Subs.

Chemical Industry

The chemical industry consists of companies that produce industrial chemicals. These companies convert materials such as oil, air, water, natural gas, minerals, and metals into thousands of different products. The use of boilers is involved in many processes such as water purification. Steam is used to remove impurities from the water by separation, making it safe to drink and use.

For a full list of industries that we serve, click here.

Our service technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If our customers are experiencing an issue with their equipment, they can reach us through our 24/7 emergency line. If they are within our five-state service territory (Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama), an on-call service technician will go to the plant. If they are outside of our range, we walk them through the solution, step-by-step. No matter what, WARE is always available to customers.

Need to rent a boiler? WARE has you covered. We serve the entire United States with rental boilers for all different types of situations. Get a boiler rental quote within an hour!

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