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4 Steam Hacks for Daily Life

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Sep 6, 2017 9:47:29 AM

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You’re already living the All Ways Steam life, so why not put your steam to even better use? We’ve rounded up four unexpected ways you can use steam to make life better — we call them Steam Hacks!

1. Clean Your Grill

You’ve been cooking out all summer, but have you given your grill a deep cleaning lately? Bust out your handy dandy steam cleaner and, working in small areas, concentrate the steam on the metal grill. Once the steam has loosened the dirt and debris, a quick once-over with a wire brush will bring your grill back to life.  

2. Detail Your Car Upholstery

Back to school time is here, and that means one thing: carpools. Get ready to host the morning commute and revitalize your car seats using steam to hydrate the foam and restore it to its original glory. Full details available in our video.

3. Whip Up Some Dinner

Of course it’s quick and easy to steam vegetables for a healthy side or snack, but did you know you can also use steam to create the world’s most perfect hot dog? We’ve got a quick and easy tutorial to help you skip the “dirty water dogs” and enjoy steamed hot dogs.

4. Renew Your Patio Furniture

Outdoor furniture takes a beating during the summer, but you can extend the life and rejuvenate the look of your patio furniture using a handheld steam cleaner. It even works on upholstered furniture and umbrellas, so give it all a good cleaning before putting it away for fall and winter.

Can you think of any other Steam Hacks to help make this fall the best season of 2017? Share them at info@wareinc.com.

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