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A Brief Look at the History of Steam

Posted by Ritchie Ware on May 26, 2015 2:38:00 PM

History of SteamAt WARE, we know a little bit about history, and we know how important our work is for our customers. Steam has played a crucial role in our business and history. In fact, without it, WARE wouldn't exist!

Steam moves our lives in many ways through engines, locomotives and boilers, which are a main industrial heat and process source and the heart of our business.

The history of steam dates back as far as Roman Egypt, where it was used to fuel the first rudimentary steam engine. Over the next several thousand years, a number of engines were experimented with but it wasn't until 1712 that a commercially successful steam engine was finally developed.

During the Industrial Revolution, steam played an invaluable role, serving as the number one power source, including boilers, and carried its power into the early 20th century.

Fast-forward to 2015. WARE has been serving the Louisville area with excellent boiler service since 1952, providing the handling, supervising, installation, start-up and operational services at the customer's request. We were the first company in the area to provide a boiler rental service. Throughout our history, we have continued to deliver dynamic service, which surpasses all others in the area.

Recently, we have started a new video series on our YouTube channel called Steam Culture. These brief, educational videos look at the history of steam as well as how it's used in our everyday lives. We encourage you to check our Steam Culture series, and if you have questions about our boiler rental or any of the services we offer, contact us or click here to get a quote. WARE is always here to help.

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