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Ritchie Ware

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Boiling Point: Linkage and Linkageless Systems

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Jan 29, 2016 4:02:17 PM

On this episode of the Boiling Point, Ritchie talks with Gerald Blain, director of sales, about traditional burner management systems. Ritchie and Gerald walk viewers through an extensive tour of each system.

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Steam Culture: Steam and Wood Kiln

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Jan 25, 2016 3:43:31 PM

On today's Steam Culture, we are learning how steam is used to dry lumber for cabinets and hardwood flooring. Our friend Tom Thompson from Salem Hardwood gives us a tour of his operation, and demonstrates how steam is used to dry lumber and prepare it for the next cycle of life.

In order for the wood to dry the lumber is placed inside a kiln, then it's exposed to indirect steam heat of 160-190 degrees for up to 70 hours until dry. Salem Hardwood dries Red Oak, White Oak, Ash, Hickory, Walnut and Poplar.

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Formulas and Measurements: Download a Calculation Cheatsheet from WARE

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Jan 22, 2016 3:56:44 PM

There is more to this business than wrenches and tools! Formulas and measurements play a large role in the boiler industry, to include making it possible to size our rental equipment to match a customer's needs.

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Boiling Point: Inside a Watertube Rental Boiler

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Jan 20, 2016 4:35:39 PM

On this episode of the Boiling Point, we are going inside a watertube rental boiler. Ritchie Ware and Steven Taylor, director of the rental division, take us inside an actual watertube boiler. They walk us through what occurs inside the vessel, and the various parts and components of the boiler.

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Steam Culture: Steam Roller

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Jan 18, 2016 2:43:34 PM


What was your favorite construction tool growing up? Well, we all know Brent loves all things steam, and his passion overflows into construction equipment.

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Servicing and Maintaining your Boiler vs. Not: What Happens?

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Jan 15, 2016 4:28:40 PM

In this industry, nothing is more important than caring for your boiler system. Regularly servicing and maintaining your boiler is essential to running at optimal efficiency. With a well-maintained system, your boiler could potentially perform at 70% more efficiency.

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AHR Show is Coming Up!

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Jan 14, 2016 4:09:01 PM

WARE is hitting the road to kick off 2016! In less than two weeks, we will be heading to sunny Orlando, Florida to The International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo).

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Steam Culture: Pizza & Steam

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Jan 11, 2016 4:49:27 PM

With the first Steam Culture episode of 2016, Brent dives right into food. When it comes to food, Brent concentrates on three major food groups: cheese, dough, and whatever else you want to add to a pizza! This year, the U.S. is estimated to sell more than 12.5 million pizzas.

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