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Buy Boiler Parts Online at BoilerWAREhouse.com

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Dec 9, 2014 3:37:28 PM

Boiler_WAREThat Blowdown Y-Valve has seen better days. It's not been functioning for quite some time and it's time to replace it. Maybe your Red Line Sight Glass has a hairline crack and having a fully functioning boiler depends on replacing that part.

WARE now has a simple solution. Our online e-commerce store is live and offers more than 30,000 parts to get your boiler repaired and up and running quickly. No more thumbing through catalogs or mailing in order forms. WARE makes ordering boiler parts as simple as the click of a button.

For more information and to search for the part you need, check out BoilerWAREhouse.com. From service and installation to parts and rental, WARE puts all of your boiler needs in one key location. Check it out today!

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How to Clean a Boiler Glass Gauge

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Dec 3, 2014 3:16:00 PM

When sediment collects in your boiler's sight glass, it's time for cleaning. In the video below, we walk you through the steps to properly and safely clean out the sight glass. So, after you grab some protective gear and a cup of household ammonia, you will be ready to begin.

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Update on the EKU Retube Job

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Nov 26, 2014 2:37:06 PM

w5iOEGimL1oPHznpS8PFJi19kux-xzilkzkKIOSrz7HjN7KkPnQFpIGkUq9HxdU-QctYnQ=s124After ten hour days, four days a week, and dragging 40-foot long tubing back and forth, six members of the WARE team have completed the retubing of a a boiler project at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky.

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Boilers and Back Pressure Steam Turbines

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Nov 25, 2014 2:25:55 PM

Up next on the Boiling Point, WARE explains how your existing boiler is generally used as a heat transfer medium, but did you know it can also be used to generate electricity? Learn in our latest YouTube video how you can take advantage of that expansion of steam and use it to capture energy and turn a pump, a fan or a generator to create added electricity. That added electricity can be used back in the plant, reducing the overall amount of electricity needed and therefore, reducing total cost.

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Come see WARE at POWER-GEN 2014

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Nov 21, 2014 9:26:17 AM

Next month, WARE will be mixing it up with over 20,000 of our closest friends! We'll also be learning lots of new, innovative ideas to help our customers at the POWER-GEN International Conference. This conference takes place December 9 - 11 at the Orange County Convention Center West Hall in Orlando, Florida.

Many WARE employees, along with 22,000 other people from 92 countries, (along with 1,400 exhibitors) will come together to learn new ideas, network with other industry businesses, and target the potential of new business development. Since its inception in 1988, POWER-GEN has traveled coast-to-coast and evolved into the largest, most respected power generation event in the world.

Participants will learn more about industry trends, environmental issues, fossil and gas turbine technologies, and on-site power and plant performance. David Walsh, President and CEO of Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas, will give an opening keynote address.

This conference is a great opportunity for WARE to absorb more information and put it to use in more efficiently serving our customers. Come visit the WARE exhibit in booth 751 and come hang out with people who have a lot of "power." On-site registration is still available. We hope to see you there!

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Ware Installing New Control System Technology at the University of Louisville

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Nov 20, 2014 12:33:00 PM

Ware is currently partnering with the University of Louisville to replace a control system in the University’s Steam Plant. The system controls the boilers to heat the University’s entire campus and makes use of a new technology within the control system industry.

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Steam in Cinema

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Nov 20, 2014 12:24:00 PM

When you watch a movie, isn’t there something that you are able to recognize or point out—something that most of your friends probably wouldn’t notice? If you are a car enthusiast, don’t you enjoy recognizing classic cars or the nuances in their modifications? If you have a flair for men’s fashion, aren’t you more prone to identify the watches or sunglasses that James Bond happens to be wearing? We all have something that triggers our interest and grabs our attention. Since we are in the business of providing steam, here at WARE we tend to notice boilers (more than we would like to admit) when they show up outside of our normal work environment, and the silver screen is where they tend to do this the most.

Steam has played a role in many feature films over the years, and since the Halloween season is fresh in our memory, where better to start than with horror movies? Most of you are probably familiar with a film called The Shining. If it has been a while and you’re having trouble remembering, here’s something to jog your memory: at one point, Jack Nicholson’s character uses an axe to chop an opening in a door and sticks his face through before saying those immortal words, “Here’s Johnny!”

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How to Not Destroy a Boiler

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Nov 20, 2014 12:10:00 PM

Although boilers are made of heavy-duty materials, they aren’t as indestructible as they seem. Without proper care and maintenance, you can destroy a boiler. From fuel explosions to contaminated feedwater, we are here to give you some tips on how to not destroy your boiler.

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