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Behind the Scenes of Boiler U

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Oct 7, 2015 4:44:57 PM

Boiler University Boiler Training WARE Louisville KYBoiler University is an excellent resource for boiler training. Whether you are a rookie in the industry or a seasoned veteran brushing up on your skills, there is always something new to be learned at Boiler U. WARE hosts this event in different locations a few times a year, which is led by Jeff Barto and Jude Wolf. Jeff Barto, branch manager of the Chattanooga office and Boiler U instructor, brings more than 25 years of experience to the Boiler University classroom. His passion lies with passing on information to the students.

A number of years ago, Richard Ware had the idea of providing real life training to industry professionals to provide an arena in which to network and learn practical skills for the industry; thus, Boiler University was hatched. With all the details falling into place, soon WARE had a small-scale training platform for customers.

Boiler University is a three-day course with lecture-style presentations. Classes and topics are selected to improve productivity and success on the job.

During the Boiler U courses, veterans will guide participants in exploring boiler codes, feedwater chemistry, maintenance optimization, refractory inspections, troubleshooting and repair and more.

Participants have the opportunities to explore and troubleshoot nearly every component of applicable boiler equipment, from 50 horsepower to 75,000 pounds per hour, guided by the instruction of industry veterans.

The veteran instructors open the floor up to anything and everything in which the participants might want to gain additional insight.

"We keep our training at a basic level, but don't leave anything to chance. We go through the boiler room, boiler systems, mechanical systems - you name it!" said Jeff Barto, Boiler University instructor. "We hit everything. Nothing is off limits, but we do tailor to everyone's skill level, so everyone walks away with a fresh knowledge."

The education doesn't simply end after the course. Jeff and Jude (check out our Boiling Point videos) willingly distribute their contact information to the students. They receive phone calls and text messages when a veteran's assistance is needed.

"We like to work over the phone to help our students. We help them through the problem. Part of our commitment to making sure we help these folks is to be available," said Jeff. "That's the one thing that sets us apart: we pass out our cards and they can get a hold of us 24/7. Sometimes they will call us to come visit and look at different issues and provide advice or help them understand whatever they have trouble with."

Contact WARE for more information on Boiler University and when it might be coming to a location near you.

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