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Boiling Point: Watertube Rental Boilers

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Apr 22, 2015 1:17:05 PM

Ware Boiling Point Watertube Rental BoilerOn this edition of the Boiling Point, Steven Taylor and Ritchie Ware discuss how a watertube boiler differs from a firetube boiler. The watertube system is exposed to inclement weather elements, such as heavy rain and cold temperatures. All weather climates and issues should be considered before making maintenance repair decisions. Since these systems have water pumping throughout the boiler, all pipes must be heat traced and insulated to prevent pipes from bursting in colder temperatures.

Below are the differences in watertube boilers and firetube boilers, discussed in today's Boiling Point:

  1. All single-point connections for natural gas. Diesel fuel connection.
  2. Watertube boilers are larger units, about 30,000 pounds, and can be as large as 82,500 pounds.
  3. Outlets are stacked at the top of the boiler for combustion gases. Stub stack and all valves are shipped separate and mounted on site.
  4. The boiler is not enclosed. If a boiler will be operating through colder weather, all pipes must be heat traced and insulated.

Check out the video below, and as always, thanks for tuning in to another edition of the Boiling Point!

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