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Happy Birthday, Steam Culture!

Posted by Ritchie Ware on May 2, 2016 3:30:00 PM

Steam Culture WARE Inc

It's a little hard for us to believe, but Steam Culture just reached a big milestone, its first birthday!

In case you haven't been following along or haven't tuned into our YouTube channel, our Steam Culture videos have been produced every Friday for the past year. Each one looks closely at how steam is used in our culture to produce products, power machinery, and how it affects things in our everyday life.

We caught up with Ritchie Ware and Brent Falcone to get their thoughts on the original mission and vision behind Steam Culture. Here's what Ritchie had to say: "We're in the steam and boiler industry so it's something we live and breathe every day. We thought it would be fun to take that knowledge and put a different spin on it. Our goal is to provide education and humor to our audience. It's different than anything we've ever done and we're having a lot of fun doing it."

Brent is the featured actor in each Steam Culture video, and if you're a regular viewer, you know that dressing up to match that week's theme or doing stunts to further drive home the point of the video is something we're used to seeing from Brent. Here's what Brent had to say about the Steam Culture series: "The purpose for starting Steam Culture was to highlight where steam and our culture intersected. Whether historical or in movies, steam has influenced and been woven into our culture. That's what we've tried to highlight for the last year."

Aside from Steam Culture, WARE also produces a video series called "The Boiling Point" which are industry-specific videos that target education of boiler room operators and mechanics. Boiling Points dive deep into the mechanical aspects of boiler operations and are more serious and work-oriented. These videos provide on-the-job knowledge to the boiler professional and address real-life problems or situations that could arise in the boiler room.

Whether it be STEM programs on the elementary school level or boiler operators who have taken to YouTube to solve a specific problem, WARE wants to be there to provide the solution. We have currently produced 52 Steam Culture videos—one each week for a year—and have no plans of slowing down. Our in-house videographer films and edits all videos and our subscriber base on YouTube continues to grow.

Watch the 52nd episode of Steam Culture below. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and be on the lookout every Friday for the newest Steam Culture.

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