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Insulating the Boiler Room

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Sep 12, 2016 2:55:45 PM

Making your boiler room as efficient as possible is important, as there can be a great deal of energy lost into the environment if you don't take certain precautions. Insulating all the parts of your boiler room is one of the quickest and most cost-effective way to increase the return on your investment--and the return can come much quicker than you may expect! While efficient operation is a huge win, offering your employees a safe place to work may be an even bigger incentive to take the time, effort and expense required to review and update your boiler room insulation. Don't overlook this important safety barrier between your employees and super-heated steam within the pipes.

How Insulation Aids Efficiency

WARE, Inc. recommends adding at least 2 inches of insulation to your piping, valves, boilers and DA tank, and there are a variety of ways that you can accomplish this task. If there are tanks or short lengths of piping that you need to access on a regular basis for maintenance, the handy Velcro and pull-cord removable insulation may be the best option for your needs. This type of insulation comes in thicknesses from 2-4 inches, and is easily removed and replaced by your employees and can be used for years. 

WARE, Inc. recommends insulating the front and sides of each boiler and wrapping the pipes to keep the heat in and the temperature in the boiler room down to a reasonable point. Not only does this add comfort for the workers, but it also makes the entire operation more efficient. For a more permanent insulation solution, the Ware team recommends caulking the insulation to close up all the gaps and also adding an aluminum skin to keep heat from radiating outwards.

Protecting Your Team

Working around superheated steam can be a dangerous job, so adding insulation from 6 feet to the ground on anything that employees can come in contact with is a good business practice. Adding insulation where employees work can create a safer environment that will keep people from touching overheated pipes or reaching across them--both recipes for sure disaster. 

Return on Investment 

Business owners may be surprised how quickly they will receive a return on investment with an insulation project--often as quickly as 6-8 months! The reduced load on the machinery as well as the additional efficiency will be appreciated, and the insulation has the added value of reducing the possibility freezing, which can be a very expensive problem to have. When your systems are running at peak efficiency, they're not being overtaxed which can, in turn, extend the overall useful life of your systems. 

No matter what size tank you have, we can insulate anything you've got! When you're ready to create a safer work environment for your team and get the highest level of efficiency possible out of your boiler room, contact WARE, Inc. to get an estimate on creating either removable or semi-permanent insulation for your boiler room and pipes.

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