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Our next Boiler U class is coming up!

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Ever try troubleshooting and training straight out of a text book? Maybe a fancy slide show helped bring some insights into some of the boiler issues your facility has experienced. Those are all helpful informational routes, but when WARE trains employees and facility managers on industrial boiler operations, they discover first-hand how to tackle the problem and troubleshoot nearly every component their boiler equipment may encounter.

Our WARE instructors bring nearly 30+ years of industry experience to Boiler University, a system unmatched by standardized boiler programs. They are not just Professional Educators, they are highly seasoned veterans who have experienced many years working in the boiler industry. If you would like a chance to learn from these professionals, our next Boiler University training program is scheduled for:

November 11-13

Chatanooga Choo Choo

1400 Market Street

Chatanooga, TN 37402

WARE Boiler University classes are designed to help improve success on the job in as little as three days while earning continuing education credit of 2.4 education units. If you are involved in the operation, maintenance, planning or purchasing of boilers or boiler related equipment, this school is for you.

Learn About:

  • Heat transfer
  • Boiler design and construction
  • Efficiency controls
  • Burners-refractory applications
  • Boiler feedwater chemistry
  • Boiler codes

Learn How To:

  • Operate boiler safely and efficiently
  • Review boiler room equipment and accessories
  • Prepare boiler for inspections
  • Test feedwater system
  • Conduct stack gas test and adjust burners
  • Read electrical prints
  • Open, clean, inspect, hydro, close and start a boiler

How to Troubleshoot:

  • Boiler controls and circuits
  • Gas Train
  • Boilers with hands-on control wiring

To Register:

Making a commitment to Boiler U is a smart investment toward higher productivity, safer operations and guaranteed boiler expertise.

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