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Going Above and Beyond When it Comes to Safety

Posted by Ritchie Ware on May 27, 2016 6:46:03 AM

If there's one thing we can't stress enough, it's safety in the boiler room. Boilers are incredible pieces of equipment weighing in at several hundred tons depending on the type. When working with this kind of equipment, it's imperative for everyone to be aware of the dangers, along with the precautions that are necessary to ensure a safe working environment.

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Launching Aircraft with Steam - Steam Culture

Posted by Ritchie Ware on May 23, 2016 2:11:25 PM

Today on Steam Culture, Brent talks about the steam system that is used to launch jet fighters off of aircraft carriers.

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The Difference between Wetback and Dryback Boilers - The Boiling Point

Posted by Ritchie Ware on May 18, 2016 12:17:06 PM

On today's episode of The Boiling Point, Gerald and Ritchie address a topic that WARE gets a lot of questions about—the difference between wetback and dryback boilers.

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Nuclear Subs and Steam--Steam Culture

Posted by Ritchie Ware on May 16, 2016 1:15:38 PM

We're continuing our nuclear theme on today's Steam Culture by looking at nuclear propulsions on submarines.

The propulsion system drives the entire submarine and originated back in 1955 with the USS Nautilus.

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Digital Parts Catalog Available for Download

Posted by Brian Grinestaff on May 13, 2016 10:00:00 AM

BoilerWAREhouse.com is WARE's new online parts store that has more than 40,000 boiler parts in stock and ready to ship. For a more in-depth overview of BoilerWAREhouse, check out our recent blog that details all that the online boiler parts store has to offer.

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Boiler U - training you don't want to miss!

Posted by Ritchie Ware on May 12, 2016 12:03:22 PM

Nothing makes us happier than announcing a full WARE Boiler University class! Our Boiler U class happening now in Jeffersonville, IN was sold out and we've enjoyed seeing a room packed with eager students.

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Nuclear Fission and Steam—Steam Culture

Posted by Ritchie Ware on May 9, 2016 4:43:17 PM

On today's episode of Steam Culture, Brent is going nuclear and will be explaining how nuclear engines create steam that then is harnessed by steam turbines to create power.

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Superheated Steam -- The Boiling Point

Posted by Ritchie Ware on May 4, 2016 11:46:45 AM

On today's episode of The Boiling Point, we're joined again by Jude Wolf. Jude is here to talk about superheated steam, its characteristics, and its uses.

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