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Servicing and Maintaining your Boiler vs. Not: What Happens?

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Jan 15, 2016 4:28:40 PM

WARE Rental Boiler Service Louisville KYIn this industry, nothing is more important than caring for your boiler system. Regularly servicing and maintaining your boiler is essential to running at optimal efficiency. With a well-maintained system, your boiler could potentially perform at 70% more efficiency.

Recently, we sat down with Kevin Burke, our service manager, to discuss what would happen if a boiler was neglected.

"There are two main pockets to maintaining a boiler: service & repairs and preventative maintenance. When a boiler system is in need of repairs, often it is due to lack of maintenance, dirt, and poor water quality, which is critical in maintaining boiler operations," said Kevin.

Most boilers, deaerator and condensate tanks are made of carbon steel which are susceptive to scaling and corrosion if the water quality is not properly maintained. Good water quality is achieved thru water softening, chemicals and maintenance.

When water and oxygen come into contact with steel, they can do a significant amount of damage, causing pitting and leaks.

"If you fail to maintain your boiler's water quality, scale begins to build inside the vessel, preventing the vessel from transferring heat properly, which will lead to overheating," said Kevin.

Ultimately if scale build up is not prevented, not only will efficiency be lost, costing more in fuel costs, but the vessel metal will fail, damage will occur and repairs will be required. Scheduling routine maintenance, using water softeners, and regular flushing of your boiler's system will prevent off-line instances.

The water level and low water cut off controls, sometimes combined into one control, are one of the most important operational controls and safety features on a boiler. The level control maintains the proper water level in your boiler at all times, and the low water cut off control is a safety to shut your burner off if the water level reaches a low, unsafe point. In extreme cases, low water cut off control failures have caused extensive vessel damage and explosions.

There are many plants that do a poor job in maintaining their boilers and equipment. Many never realize, until a breakdown occurs, how important their boilers are to their success either in products they produce or heat they provide. It is a proven fact properly maintained equipment that is kept running smoothly, efficiently and safely is far more economical and cost effective than accruing the cost of unnecessary breakdowns. Preventive maintenance is the key to preventing such breakdowns.

WARE's boiler preventive maintenance checklist can help minimize unscheduled downtime, ensure safe operation and maintain an efficient system. The checklist, which can be downloaded here, provides a list of items to keep your boiler at optimum health.

We are available 24 hours a day and seven days per week and have more than 30,000 boiler parts in our extensive inventory. If your system is in need of a check-up, schedule service with us today.

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