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Special Announcement:  WARE Announces New Partnership with Victory Energy on Firetube Boilers

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Jun 10, 2016 1:35:59 PM

Victory Energy Boiler

WARE is excited to announce our partnership with Victory Energy to provide some of the most advanced and robust firetube boiler solutions on the market. Victory’s Frontier Firetube boiler design exceeds the stringent steam demands of our customers. This particular design was engineered with the end user in mind. 

This partnership will help to standardize our boiler offering, promoting consistence and reliability across all of our product lines. 

When asked about the significance of WARE’s partnership with Victory, Director of Sales, Steve Taylor, responded, “WARE has partnered with Victory since their inception on watertube boilers and has been utilizing their wetback design for many years. It is a natural progression to further develop the dryback partnership with the fastest growing boiler manufacturer in the U.S.” Taylor went on to say, “This partnership will greatly enhance our rental fleet and the quality of boiler we can offer to our clients.”

“The most important thing gained from the partnership is streamlining our product line, so all of our watertube and firetube boilers will come from the same manufacturer, and it strengthens our relationship with Victory Energy,” said Taylor.

All standard units are 3 pass boilers and include low NOx burners. WARE stocks firetube boilers from 50hp to 800hp with 150psi to 250psi in order to meet any steam demand that might arise.

Dryback design highlights:

  • Engineered to optimize water circulation
  • Low maintenance rear wall design – single door to open to access furnace
  • Extra wide furnace section to accomplish 55-65% of heat transfer

Wetback design highlights:

  • Liberal steam disengaging surface
  • Extra-large turn around section to allow easier access to boiler internals
  • Most robust design on the market

We are excited about what this partnership is going to bring to WARE and our customers. Our standard offering of firetube rental boilers is well suited to integrate seamlessly into most every application requiring supplementary or emergency steam. At any one time we stock 20 to 25 boiler units for purchase in various sizes and ready if need arises for your facility.

WARE has firetube boilers ready for immediate rental deployment as well as new boilers ready to be installed in your facility. For more information on our wide offering of solutions, call us today at 800-228-8861 or get a quote online at WeRentBoilers.com

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