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Check out WARE's Super High Efficiency Boiler Rental Units

Posted by Steve Taylor on Feb 26, 2016 3:16:00 PM

WARE High Efficiency Mobile Boiler Boiler Rental Louisville KYIn 2005, WARE introduced Super High Efficiency Mobile Boiler solutions. As the front runner in this movement, WARE has continued to save its customers money on fuel and electricity with super high efficiency units.

These mobile boiler units are outfitted with the best super high efficiency equipment including boilers with high efficiency XID tubes and Limpsfield burners with Autoflame controls. The system combines state-of-the-art control technology for optimum combustion control.

More About the Super High Efficiency Rental Boiler Units & Boiler Rooms

The Super High Efficiency Units are different from your average units. Customers can expect to save about 70% of the monthly rental cost in fuel. Additionally, the super high efficiency units save money in electricity as the boiler feed water pump and blower motors and driven by variable frequency drives which vary the speed of the motors based on what the system requires. This in turn saves electricity.

We owe it to our customers to use this technology to its fullest potential. By supplying a super high efficiency mobile boiler system, we give our customers the ability to save enough fuel each month to help offset the cost of the monthly rent of the boiler. We were the first in the market to offer the super high efficiency mobile boiler systems in a rental fleet.

Autoflame Micro modulation controls have been used on WARE's rental boilers for a number of years and have proven to be more reliable and less maintenance for the customer's burner and control systems. Adding these controls to the equation raised efficiency to a whole new level. The equipment can be fitted to burners of any design and has the flexibility to provide a solution to virtually any combustion problem.

Employing the latest in XID high efficiency boiler tube technology, Limpsfield burners and Autoflame controls, WARE is once again leading the industry with innovative technological enhancements to our rental fleet.

If we can save our customers money on their fuel and electric bills, then we are being good stewards of our resources all at the same time. For more information on super high efficiency rental boiler units, contact WARE's rental department. Additionally, we can quote your rental boiler within the hour. Click here to get a quote.

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