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Taking Steam Mobile

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Aug 11, 2015 1:44:00 PM

WARE Mobile Boiler Rooms Louisville KYIt is no secret that WARE has long established itself as one of the foremost providers of mobile boiler rooms for both planned and emergency rental needs. With a reputation for having fast service and quality solutions, Ware has been able to meets the needs and exceed the expectations of many customers both domestic and abroad. Having a large fleet spread across the country has necessitated a knowledgeable and reliable service department to help customers with any issues they may have, and immediate hardware needs have fostered the growth of WARE’s stock boiler sales, a new online parts store at boilerwarehouse.com, and the Valve Shop.Despite these vast capabilities, there is much more that WARE can offer through custom projects that blend various aspects of each capability. At this point in time, boiler rooms housed in a semi trailer or a steel shipping container are not uncommon. These typical “mobile boiler rooms” are designed to be delivered to a site, unhitched, connected to utilities, and then fired up. With this temporary installation, by the time the boiler is ready to produce steam or hot water, it has become decidedly stationary…but what if you truly need mobile steam?

One of WARE’s customers had a unique application requirement: a truly mobile boiler room installed in a box truck that could quickly come up to full steam. Their outdoor pipe lining business called for moving the boiler room down the road to provide steam along the pipeline to help with certain liner’s curing process. An onboard generator and fuel tank supplied the 100 hp boiler, and local makeup water was available for use on job sites. One of these mobile boilers was damaged beyond cost-effective repair, so WARE was able to help them out.

With an identical boiler unavailable, WARE was able to source a new, compatible 100 hp replacement from Vapor Power. The old equipment was removed, and the new system was installed. Experience in the boiler industry has taught WAREthat one of the easiest ways to cause significant damage to a boiler is by failing to properly treat the feedwater, and this is especially true in compact watertube boilers such as the ones used in this box truck. To avoid such damage, a water softener was added, and chemical treatment was recommended to protect the boiler and provide reliable service for many years to come. Finally, to prevent rainwater from entering through the stack and causing corrosion in the bottom of the new boiler, a custom telescoping stack with a cap was installed in the top of the box truck.

WARE is committed to being a solutions provider for its customers; with its resources and extensive experience, projects like this one can be completed so that customers can get back to business.

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