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Three Tips To Ensure Efficient Boiler Combustion

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Mar 15, 2017 10:45:50 AM


Consistent, efficient combustion on your boiler is the key to getting the best value for the money you spend. Achieving precise combustion—where just the right mixture of fuel and air burn as completely as possible—isn’t always easy to do. Consider these three tips to try to maximize your ROI on combustion.

Replace Linkages

Linkages are mechanical pieces that tie your butterfly valves and air dampers together so they can provide the proper amount of fuel and air to the burner. As mechanical parts, linkages can wear out, fall off or can start slipping over time. To prevent these issues, use parallel positioning in place of linkages.

With parallel positioning, servo motors replace linkages where one servo supplies the boiler with fuel and another provides air. With this positioning, the boiler burns fuel more effectively and produces less CO (which is really just unburnt fuel that’s carried out of the stack). Less CO equals more efficient fuel burning.

Install an Exhaust Gas Analyzer

An exhaust gas analyzer measures the amount of CO that’s released into the stack. Adding this analyzer to your control board helps better control the parallel positioning by adjusting the boiler 24-hours a day to achieve top efficiency.

Keep Up with Preventive Maintenance

A working boiler isn’t always an efficient boiler. Dirt can prevent effective combustion in a boiler just as it can in a home furnace or an air filter. Monthly maintenance checks will prevent your blower wheel and air damper from getting too dirty, which lessens efficiency.

Any of these three tips will help your boiler achieve better combustion, but combining all three can achieve maximum ROI on your boiler’s burn. Be consistent in your maintenance, monitor your CO levels, check your parallel positioning regularly — and you’ll enjoy a reliable level of boiler combustion for years to come.



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