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Makin’ Steam at PowerGen 2017

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Jan 18, 2018 10:29:33 AM

WARE_BlogHeader_TradeShow.jpgWe love spreading Steam Culture near and far, so when we had the opportunity to attend PowerGen 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada, our Steam Team was happy to pull up a seat at the table. PowerGen is the world’s largest power generation conference, playing host to more than 20,000 attendees and 1,400 exhibitors. It brings together leaders from across the energy industry to share the latest innovations and learn about the newest technologies.

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Wrap It Up with WARE

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Jan 9, 2018 12:02:00 PM


The temperature is dropping and winter chill is beginning to creep in, which means your boiler system is working hard to keep you comfortable all day. Heating costs are beginning to rise and your boiler will experience normal wear and tear as it enters its busiest time of year. To help manage your energy bills and keep your boiler running strong throughout the winter, WARE recommends proper pipe insulation.

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When to Break Up With Your Boiler

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Dec 28, 2017 11:17:35 AM

Don’t get left in the cold! Too often, we see facility managers or property owners waiting until a boiler completely breaks down before replacing it. To make matters worse, these situations typically arise when the boiler has been working at its peak – during winter. A routine breakdown can turn into a full-fledged emergency quickly in bitterly cold conditions, and unless emergency funds are readily available, an unplanned boiler replacement can become a financial burden.

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Develop a Plan Now to Prepare for Flood Damage to a Boiler

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Aug 29, 2017 2:41:01 PM

 Floods–whether caused by nature or by structural or mechanical failures–can cause deaths, injuries, and severe property damage. To assist in the recovery of boiler systems affected by flooding and help mitigate further risks to public safety and property damage, follow these guidelines:

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Three Tips To Ensure Efficient Boiler Combustion

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Mar 15, 2017 10:45:50 AM

Consistent, efficient combustion on your boiler is the key to getting the best value for the money you spend. Achieving precise combustion—where just the right mixture of fuel and air burn as completely as possible—isn’t always easy to do. Consider these three tips to try to maximize your ROI on combustion.

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Boiler Tech: Controls of the Future

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Mar 1, 2017 11:14:59 AM

Improvements in consumer-grade, computerized controls like the ones used in home-automation to manage heating and cooling have finally hit the boiler industry. Where service technicians were required to manually adjust most every part on a boiler, we now see high-tech, computer-driven controls that make minute adjustments and show data instantly. These upgrades save time and make your job easier, but they also dramatically increase efficiency.

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How a Safety Valve Works on a Steam Boiler - Boiling Point

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Feb 13, 2017 3:42:23 PM


On this episode of the Boiling Point, Ritchie talks with our Valve Shop expert Bill Fogarty about how a Safety Valve functions on a boiler.

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Freeze protection on a Rental Boiler - Boiling Point

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Jan 5, 2017 3:11:01 PM


Did you know a boiler can freeze up like a popsicle even while it's running?

On this episode of the Boiling Point, Ritchie talks with Steven about how to protect a rental boiler from the cold.

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