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Update on the EKU Retube Job

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Nov 26, 2014 2:37:06 PM

w5iOEGimL1oPHznpS8PFJi19kux-xzilkzkKIOSrz7HjN7KkPnQFpIGkUq9HxdU-QctYnQ=s124After ten hour days, four days a week, and dragging 40-foot long tubing back and forth, six members of the WARE team have completed the retubing of a a boiler project at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky.

The mid-60s model giant boiler, fueled by coal, provides heat to multiple buildings on campus, including dormitories, and is more than three stories tall. In conjunction with the Heat Plant at Eastern Kentucky University, WARE worked to move and position tubing that is 2.5 inches in diameter and up to 40 feet long with numerous twists and bends. They also took steps to ensure that the boiler would meet current EPA regulations which are quite stringent.

In addition to retubing the over-sized boiler, WARE is also removing a sister boiler that was next to the giant one and in its place installing a deaerator tank and a separate surge tank. Project supervisor Mike Taylor says that working with EKU has been a pleasant experience.

Heat Plant Supervisor, Billy Powell, who is a veteran of 33 years at the heat plant, has also enjoyed the experience of working with WARE on this project.

"I've really enjoyed it. It's just like home to me. We've had a good working relationship with WARE for years. Every time we have called on them, they have made exceptional time to do what needs to be done. Mike Taylor travels to Richmond once per week to ensure that company standards are being met. This project has been a great success thus far," Powell said.

After several months work on this project, both WARE and EKU are proud of the outcome.

"The University is pleased with it and the community is pleased," Powell stated confidently.

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