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WARE Cares – Safety Through Boiler Lockout Tagout

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Apr 7, 2015 1:35:16 PM

Boiler lockout tagout safetyBoilers contain a massive amount of potential energy when in operation. If dealt with improperly, the results can be catastrophic. Whether we are supplying rental equipment or selling new equipment, we genuinely care about the safety of our clients and our employees.

When the time comes to shut down your boiler, critical steps must be taken to ensure the safety of all involved parties. OSHA section 1910.147 outlines the considerations that should be taken when preforming lockout tagout (LOTO).  Here are some of the key aspects as it relates to OSHA’s guidelines for LOTO.

Communication is key to any healthy relationship - Make sure you do not have A failure to communicate.” An employer must communicate and train equipment operators on:

  • Recognition of hazardous energy sources
  • The magnitude of available energy in the workplace
  • Energy control procedure
  • Recognition and understanding of all applicable tags

Keep it Orderly Equipment Shutdown

  • The equipment shall be turned off or shut down using the procedures established for the equipment. An orderly shutdown must be utilized to avoid any additional or increased hazards to employees.
  • Isolate equipment from all energy sources
  • Affix all lock out tag out devices to all energy isolating devices so they cannot be engaged

A typical boiler Shutdown and LOTO will follow these basic steps:

  1. Turn off boiler at the control panel
  2. Turn off control power on control panel.
  3. Turn off power at main breaker panel then lock the control panel
  4. Shut off main gas valve and lock
  5. Close pilot light valve
  6. After boiler has stopped generating steam, close main header valve and lock
  7. Lock blow down line in closed position.
  8. Switch feed water pump off to boiler
  9. Close feed water valve
  10. Open atmospheric valve on main steam header valve 

Any questions? For more information about boiler safety call WARE today!

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