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Why We Use Stainless Steel in Our Boiler Trailers

Posted by Ritchie Ware on Sep 30, 2016 2:47:14 PM

Screen_Shot_2016-09-02_at_3.03.55_PM.pngIn the past when building trailers, we originally used checker plate steel on the floor, and we also put steel on the walls.

When our rental boiler trailers were returned to us, we would paint the walls white and the floors gray to keep them looking maintained and professional. After painting these walls and floors overtime, maybe eight to ten times, the paint would begin to build up, which lead to chipping. This chipping made the trailers look old and worn down, so we came up with a better plan.

Why We Use Stainless Steel and Line-X

Now when we build our boiler trailers, we put a stainless steel liner on the walls and floors, and now we never need to paint them. If they get dirty, the stainless steel is easy and simple to clean. We also put Line-X, a spray on coating, on the floors and the walls to seal them so we never have to worry about them rotting. With the combination of the stainless steel and the Line-X, our boiler trailers never need a coat of paint, and they look polished all the time.

The Line-X floor is also more advantageous than the painted checker plates. This is because with the checkered plates, if even a little bit of diesel fuel or even water was spilled on the floor, it would get slippery and extremely dangerous to walk on. The stainless steel with Line-X has a really rough surface to it, so you can pour whatever you want on there and you will still have strong traction. Less risk of injury on the job gives our customers peace of mind, which means a lot to us because we take job safety very seriously.

How You Save Money

Since we don't have to come in and paint these boiler trailers regularly, over the course of five, ten, even 15 years, you save a lot of money by not having to pay for maintenance and up-keep. To talk to one of our experts about rental options for your company, click here.

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