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Emergency Chiller Rentals

Industrial Emergency Rental Chillers

A chiller is more than just a component of your facility—it supports the livelihood of your business. Your products, clients and employees all depend on your industrial chiller functioning at its most efficient capacity. So if your chiller malfunctions, we know that it must be replaced fast.

WARE Emergency Chiller Rental provides 24-hour service worldwide. Our fleet of mobile chillers rentals can be delivered to your facility quickly at any time—day or night. And our policy is to deliver more than a piece of equipment—at WARE, we also deliver peace of mind. Our emergency rental chillers are delivered and installed by industry veterans who come ready to do the job right.

WARE technicians are committed to your complete satisfaction, and your facility’s prompt return to normal operations. Our technician will make sure your emergency industrial chiller rental is installed properly, in perfect working condition, ready to get back to business. Then, we’ll go the extra mile to make sure your on-site operator has been thoroughly trained in every aspect of standard chiller operation.

WARE Emergency Chiller Rental is the rapid response solution to any unexpected chiller need. Contact us should your facility experience:


  • Critical chiller equipment failure
  • Critical chiller malfunction
  • Delivery or replacement delay
  • Flooding or structural compromise
  • Unexpected chiller inspection repair
The next time you experience an industrial chiller need, you can depend on WARE for an emergency priority quote and turnaround, so you can get back to running your business.