NFPA 85 Code: Gas Train and Venting - The Boiling Point

NFPA 85 Code: Gas Train and Venting - The Boiling Point

Today on the Boiling Point, Ritchie talks with Mike Taylor about the National Fire Protection Association 85 Code which deals with Steam Boilers combustion systems.

A number of boiler rooms were built many years ago, potentially before new codes were put in place. Codes regarding gas trains and venting are two of the types people often overlook. A gas train typically has two different kinds of vents, a power vent as well as vents off of regulators and gas pressure switches. NFPA code says that you have to run your gas train vent lines separately. Not adhering to these codes creates a hazard in your boiler room.

Making sure that your boiler room is up to date on these codes can not only save you from fines or shutdown, but can also protect you from a potential catastrophe. Watch the video below to learn more about common code violations and how you can adhere to NFPA 85 Code. More information about these new codes can be found at ABMA's website:

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