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A boiler emergency could cost you more than just time and money. In order to avoid a potentially hazardous situation for both your employees and equipment, accurate and engaging training on all aspects of industrial boiler function is an absolute must. But is standardized classroom training really the best education for your boiler operation personnel? 





Continuing Employee Education

In addition to being an investment in your company’s future, WARE Boiler University is also an investment in your employee’s future. Classes taught at Boiler University are certified adult education courses accredited through Western Kentucky University. Those who graduate Boiler University class 101 can apply 1.6 accredited hours and class 201 can apply 2.4 accredited hours toward additional education goals, making it one of the only boiler training programs to make a lasting contribution to your employees’ futures.

WARE boiler university classes can in most cases count towards continuing education hours for the state engineering license requirement for the following states: KY, IN, GA, TN, AL, and OH.

WARE would be happy to research other states for anyone wanting to take part in a Boiler University class for the continuing education credit for engineering.

We welcome you to learn more about WARE Boiler University and determine which of our scheduled class brackets is right for you and your personnel.






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