Rental Contingency Plan


When you need an emergency boiler, the last thing you need is more hassle. That’s why WARE has streamlined the process to help you be prepared for a boiler emergency. We’re here to assist in formulating a plan before you need it, so you can maximize your uptime and minimize lost productivity. 

One of our best resources is the Rental Contingency Plan Checklist. It has everything you need to know, including things you may not have thought of like

  • Inclement Weather Specifics
  • Boiler Exhaust Outlet Placement
  • Start-up Steam Release
  • Foot Traffic Proximity
  • Noise Regulations and Restrictions

To get the complete list, simply fill out the form below to activate the download link.  

Helpful Resources


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Boiler Rental FAQs

Rental Ready

What Boiler Rental Option is Right for My Needs?

The Right Rental For Every Boiler Situation

Planning a Rental Boiler Contingency

Skid-Mounted Boiler Rentals vs. Trailer-Mounted Boiler Rentals

Mobile Boiler Rooms vs. Trailer-Mounted Boiler Rentals

Be Rental-Ready

Remember, we’re standing by 24/7 to get you a rental boiler quote, and get your emergency boiler on the way. Call 1-800-228-8861 or click below.

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Zussman Village

Zussman Village – Urban Combat Training Facility Ft. Knox, Ky

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Eastern Kentucky University Retube Job is a Success

The boiler, located on EKU’s campus in Richmond, Kentucky, provides heat to multiple buildings on campus, including dormitories.

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The customer needed a system that would produce 20 tons of steam per hour (44,000 lbs) and could be built in the U.S., disassembled, then shipped to Russia and reassembled on-site.

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Heaven Hill Distillery

78,000 PPH Watertube Boiler Installation (in under 2 weeks)

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Hurricane Sandy + New York City Housing Authority

WARE was able to supply all the steam units requested (25), as well as the installation and maintenance required for the units.

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Antonov - Irving Oil

Prepare 2-75,000 pph boilers for emergency shipment, by air, to Halifax Nova Scotia.

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Three 75,000 pph boilers with economizers, stacks, support steel

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Bell Corp

Two 60,000 pph and (2) Mobile 80,000 pph D.A. units

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Chevron Nigeria

60,000 pph boiler, Mobile Deaerator System, 20,000 gallon fuel oil tank

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Four Roses

The project was for a complete inside the walls Design, Engineer and Installation. Including start-up, commissioning and training.

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Owensboro Grain

WARE was responsible for the Design, Engineering, Procurement, and construction of the project from the foundation to start-up.

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Premier Energy

Rental of Three 75,000 pph boilers with economizers

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Two 70,000 lb/hr Water Tube Boilers -

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