What Boiler Rental Option is Right for My Needs?

What Boiler Rental Option is Right for My Needs?


Rental boilers are big at WARE. Even the small ones. Because we know the value of having steam when you need it. Some companies rent our boilers as emergency replacements when their main boiler goes down. Some companies use our rental boilers to provide heat and work on temporary buildings or factory sites. They’re also a great way to keep the steam flowing if your boiler is out for scheduled maintenance or inspection. Whatever you need them for, we have them ready to go, right away.


WARE is kind of like the fire department for steam. When you need it, we start rolling, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our network of partners across the eastern United States means we can get to your boiler for fast service, too. Our emergency replacement boilers are self-contained mobile boiler systems on wheels. Sometimes skids. We bring them where they’re needed, and we train your operators to use them. We’ll also perform the full startup procedure if needed, and we’re available 24/7 for support, as well. 


Sometimes you know your boiler is going to be out for a while, and you can plan accordingly. Tell us what you need and when you need it, and your WARE specified engineer partner will work with you to create the plan and the equipment specifications. When the time comes, we’ll deliver a mobile boiler to your factory, building, or job site. We’ll help you get it up and running, and come and get it when your boiler is ready to go back on line. We have boiler solutions from 10 horsepower to 250,000 pounds per hour, so no matter how big or small a boiler you’re temporarily replacing, we’ll make your downtime an easy time for everyone.


Sometimes, you don’t need steam on your site. Sometimes you need its slightly cooler brother, hot water. WARE excels at delivering that, as well. We have a complete purpose-built fleet of domestic and industrial hot water systems ready to go. They’re great for temporary housing structures, job sites, or any other reason you’d need a steady supply of clean, hot water on demand.


WARE’s boiler fleet is vast and diverse, to make sure our customers get exactly what they’re after without having to compromise. We offer several types of rental boilers, each of which is purpose-built to offer turnkey convenience. Our fleet is well-maintained by some of the best technicians in the business, too. So everything will perform like it’s supposed to. If it didn’t, we wouldn’t stick our name on the side in big orange letters. 


For job sites, factories, hospitals, and other large-scale applications that require a self-contained solution, we offer a complete, self-contained, turnkey boiler room on wheels. Everything you need is mounted inside a weatherproof enclosure, ready to go. The space even includes an enclosed, dedicated area for operators to work and fill out logs.


When space is at a premium, say at a construction site or temporary housing facility, WARE skid-mounted boilers offer a packaged boiler solution that’s easy to accommodate. From the medium to the massive, WARE’s skid-mounted boilers are economical, powerful, and available for short- and long-term rental. 


WARE has been providing trailer-mounted rental boilers to our customers for more than 40 years. So we know how to do it right, and how to make it easy for you. Since our trailer-mounted boilers are self-contained, they’re ready to go as soon as they arrive. No loading or unloading is required, and minimal other equipment is needed. The trailer shows up, hooks up, fires up, and you’ve got steam brewing. Furthermore, our fleet of trailer-mounted boilers leads the industry in available inventory, so whatever your need, we’ll get the right one towed to you ASAP. 


Our rental department doesn’t stop at the boilers themselves. Our full rental fleet includes a wide range of accessories and components, so you can configure your emergency, planned, or long-term rental boiler just the way you want it. WARE’s available rental equipment inventory includes:

  • Rental Deaerators
  • Rental Water Softeners
  • Rental Feedwater Systems
  • Rental Heat Exchangers and Economizers
  • Rental Steam Pressure Reducing Stations
  • Rental Gas Pressure Regulating Stations
  • Rental Economizers
  • Rental De-Superheaters

When you need a rental boiler, WARE has your back. We’re also the experts to call if you already have a boiler that needs scheduled maintenance, repair, or inspection. And if you’re ready to get a new boiler, we have a massive inventory of new and used boilers, equipment, and options from the most reputable manufacturers available. So let us know how we can help.

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