How to Send Valves

Directions to send a valve in for WARE Inc. to repair.

  • Ship by Common Carrier, UPS, FedEx or USPS to:¬†WARE, 4005 Produce Road, Louisville, KY 40218, Attn. The Valve Shop
  • Please include an itemized packing slip listing each valve by type and size. The packing slip should also list a contact name, phone number and email address, a brief description of the work to be performed, required return date and return shipping instructions.
  • If the valve has been in a service other than air, water, natural gas or steam a MSDS sheet is required for the fluid the valve has been exposed to.
  • A no charge inspection of the valve will be completed and a quotation will be issued.

Note: the inspection requires disassembly of the valve. If repairs are not made to the valve the valve can be returned to the customer loosely assembled with a tag stating "Do not return to service". Return shipping costs of not repaired valves are the responsibility of customer. 

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