Skid-Mounted Boiler Rentals vs. Trailer-Mounted Boiler Rentals

Skid-Mounted Boiler Rentals vs. Trailer-Mounted Boiler Rentals

Skid-mounted and trailer-mounted boilers are known for being hassle-free and reliable rental options. Let’s take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of both so the next time you’re renting a boiler, you can make the right choice.

Pros of a Skid-Mounted Boiler

Skid-mounted boilers are perfect for projects with limited space. They’re designed to be easy to maneuver, and will usually have the highest output-to-size ratio. These boilers don’t have the usual enclosures around the equipment, which makes them more mobile and easier to perform maintenance on. If you’re working in a tight space that has some sort of covering structure in place, a skid-mounted boiler may be exactly what you need. 

Cons of a Skid-Mounted Boiler

Skid-mounted boilers require a crane to be off-loaded. This means, while easier to move than options like boiler rooms, skid-mounted boilers are not as convenient to move as trailer-mounted boilers. 

Pros of a Trailer-Mounted Boiler

If you’re looking for convenient, no-hassle rental, look no further. Trailer-mounted boilers remove the hassle of loading and unloading equipment, since the boiler is attached directly to the trailer. This also allows you to easily move the trailer from one project to another. Even though a trailer-mounted unit has a larger footprint, they can be an advantage in tight spaces where a crane cannot access, such as a narrow alley. Similarly to skid-mounted boilers, trailer-mounted boilers provide open access to all sides of the equipment for easier maintenance and easily accessible connection points. 

Cons of a Trailer-Mounted Boiler

Although trailer-mounted boilers are convenient and easy to transport, they do have a larger footprint than skid-mounted boilers, making them less ideal for cramped spaces. Some of our smaller trailer-mounted boilers can be off-loaded via crane, essentially making them a skid-mounted boiler, taking up less space in your work area. You can learn more about our trailer-mounted boiler options here.

Which Boiler Should Fire Up Your Project?

Both boilers require good weather, or some kind of protective enclosure. If you have the space, the ease of a trailer-mounted boiler could be the right call, especially if you’ll need to move it to different workspaces. But if you’re short on space and have access to a crane for off-loading, skid-mounted boilers offer big production in a small package. 

Need assistance, or want to learn more? Contact us or view our skid-mounted boiler rentals, or our trailer-mounted boiler rentals pages online.

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