The Right Rental For Every Boiler Situation

The Right Rental For Every Boiler Situation

WARE maintains one of the largest and most diverse rental boiler fleets in the nation. So, what are they all for, anyway? And how do you know which one you need? Remember, we’re always here to help, with a staff of boiler experts who can find the ideal solution for your application. But just so we’re all on the same page, here’s a quick overview of the how, where, and what.

Hit the Skids

Skid-mounted boilers are ideal for limited-space applications. Their smaller footprint makes them easy to lift in and out of tight spaces, but it doesn’t mean they’re small on output. In fact, skid-mounted boilers offer a substantial size-to-output ratio, so you’ll get a lot of steam for every area, without a lot of room needed.

Since skid-mounted boilers are built without equipment enclosures, they’re easier to service and maintain. However, that lack of shelter also means a skid-mounted boiler needs some sort of existing covering structure overhead to shield it from the elements. Skid-mounted boilers also require a crane to offload, so they’re not as easy to maneuver or reposition as trailer-mounted boilers.

The Wheels on the Boiler

Trailer-mounted boilers are just what the name implies: a boiler system, on a trailer. Since it has its own wheels, a trailer-mounted boiler doesn’t require a crane to move around. While it does take up more space than a skid-mounted boiler, the mobility provided by the trailer can more than make up for that when it comes to moving the boiler from project to project.

Like a skid-mounted boiler, a trailer-mounted boiler has no external enclosure. That makes it easy to service and maintain, but does necessitate some sort of inclement weather protection on the job site.

A Room of Your Own

The mobile boiler room is the big brother to skid- and trailer-mounted boilers, offering a complete, fully-functional, fully-enclosed boiler system in one package. Mobile boiler rooms include their own control systems, water softener, deaerator, support equipment and require no protection from the elements. They arrive on the jobsite ready to get to go, and even include a space-efficient enclosure with an area for technicians to work.

In Hot Water

In addition to its vast fleet of rental boilers, WARE also maintains a fleet of mobile hot water boilers that can be dispatched to job or emergency sites to provide domestic and heating hot water. These compact, powerful hot water boilers can be transported with any ¾-ton pickup truck, and can deliver up to 6,000,000 BTUs of heating capacity.Remember, the right boiler for the job can make your life easier. Our staff of rental experts is standing by to help you find the ideal solution for any need. Any time. Anywhere.

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