Be Rental-Ready

Be Rental-Ready

If you’re using a boiler, you’re getting stuff done, staying warm, and staying productive. But what happens if that all suddenly stops? The world isn’t perfect. Storms happen. Accidents happen. Components fail. Lines can leak. And sometimes regular things happen, like maintenance and service, or regular inspections. For whatever reason, if your boiler shuts down that could mean costly downtime, and that’s just a bad time for everyone. That’s when a rental boiler can be a lifesaver.

But then there’s also the other side of the coin. Maybe business is booming. Maybe you’re about to experience a big seasonal rush, or you’ve just had a huge order come in, and you need extra steam power. That’s also a great time to have a rental boiler in your back pocket to give your output some extra input.

No matter what the reason, WARE has an entire fleet of powerful, reliable rental boilers ready to go at a moment’s notice. If you ever need one, here’s what to expect.


The first thing that’ll happen when you contact WARE for a planned or emergency rental boiler is that someone will pick up the phone. We’re always here, 24/7, 365, ready to give you a quote and get your equipment on the road and on its way to you. We realize that downtime costs you money, and we’ll move heaven and earth to get your boiler to you as fast as humanly possible. 


The next thing you’ll want to do is to get ready for your rental boiler to arrive. WARE’s rental fleet of steam and hot water boilers are all self-contained marvels of modern boiler technology, which will make the process easier for you. But there are still several things you’ll need to have in place.


Your rental boiler will require the following connections routed through or from an external wall:

  1. Steam or hot water supply line
  2. Fuel line (Natural gas or Oil)
  3. Make-up water line
  4. Condensate or hot water return line
  5. Electrical power for external hook up
  6. Safe routing of the blow down or drain lines 
  7. A boiler exhaust outlet (if installed indoors)

Next, you’ll need to determine whether or not the weather is going to be a factor. Cold weather can do a lot of damage to a boiler even if it’s up and running, and even if it’s under some sort of cover or shelter. Proper insulation and heat-tracing is absolutely crucial to protect your rental boiler from freezing conditions.


Another big thing to consider with your rental boiler is where exactly you’re going to put it. You have to consider the impact that noise will have on the surroundings. For example, putting a rental boiler outside a university library window is going to cause a lot of disturbance for anyone studying inside. So make sure that your rental boiler isn’t going to be a nuisance to anyone in the vicinity. That’s also why you need to be aware of where the stack is going to vent, too. It can’t be too close to other buildings or venting into somebody’s open window. 

When figuring out your boiler placement, you also need to consider what other people will be doing in that area. Will there be a lot of foot traffic? Is there a waiting area or a picnic area nearby? Is it too close to a parking lot? The last thing you want is untrained people wandering around an operating boiler. So make sure it’s in a relatively out-of-the-way place so it’s not in anybody’s way, and so it won’t attract any curious onlookers. 

For safe and efficient operation, it’s also important that your boiler is located on a level, even surface. If a level surface isn’t available, you’re going to level the boiler before startup and operation.


Another thing to prepare for with your rental boiler is a load test. When the boiler is first started up, the technician will need to bring the boiler up to full rate to make sure everything’s working, and to fine-tune the combustion settings. In order for that to happen, there needs to be a way to either use or properly vent the steam produced by the load test, so the technician can get an idea of how the boiler is working under real-world conditions.

The same goes for hot water boilers, as well. In order to get them properly tested and calibrated, there needs to be a way to put the boiler under load, whether that means safely draining away hot water or using it in the facility. 


Whether you’re facing a planned outage or dealing with an emergency situation, WARE is here to help. We’re standing by to get you up and running with a huge fleet of rental boilers of all sizes and capacities, all backed by 70 years of expertise and dedicated service. Call us at 1-800-228-8861 any time at all, and we mean any time. Or use the contact form on our website. Then be sure to check out our Rental Contingency Plan Page for more information, and to download a helpful Rental Checklist. Whatever you need, WARE has your back in all things STEAM.

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