WARE was contracted to provide a 60,000 pph boiler, Mobile Deaerator System, 20,000 gallon fuel oil tank, all of the interconnecting piping and startup operations in Nigeria.

WARE was contracted to provide equipment for a plant turn around at a Chevron plant in Nigeria. The award was given to WARE due their approach to the project. Given the difficulty in procuring parts, piping, valves, fittings, etc in Nigeria WARE laid out a design that eliminated the need for local procurement of any of these items.

The concept consisted of setting the equipment in our Louisville KY yard, prepipe all of the piping, flange it in a way that it could be handled then figure out a way to get it to the site in Nigeria without missing any components. This was accomplished by designing all of the piping so that no one length was more than 35’ long. Everything was flanged, labeled and stored securely in a 40’ ConeX overseas shipping container.

Another challenge was providing operators in Nigeria. The site operators would be utilized to complete the inspections of the site equipment and would not be available for the Rental Equipment. WARE was able to utilize our Technicians to oversee the installation and to startup then operate the equipment for the 5 month turn around.

Project at a Glance

Chevron Nigeria
Project Completion
August 2019
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