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Custom Training


Customize Boiler University

WARE Boiler University brings daily industrial boiler operations to life in ways that standardized boiler training programs simply can’t match. In addition to our instructors’ 30+ years of industry experience, Boiler University is a hands-on program, meaning students will have an opportunity to see, touch and troubleshoot nearly every component he or she may encounter during his or her career operating your boiler equipment.

Now, you have the option to take Boiler University’s acclaimed hands-on training process and customize it to suit your specific business needs. WARE will work with you in order to bring Boiler University to your facility, and our experts will guide students through the hands-on portion of the program using your unique equipment. Your employees will experience a level of training unmatched by any in the boiler industry, using the machines they will be operating each and every day. It’s a smart investment towards higher productivity, safer operations and guaranteed boiler expertise.

Contact WARE today to find out more about how to customize Boiler University and bring the industry’s finest boiler education program to your facility.

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