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Imagine being able to manage virtually all boiler processes from a single touch-screen without any added modules. That’s the power of Autoflame. As an Autoflame rep for over 20 years, WARE is proud to offer you this amazing burner management system guaranteed to reduce oil and natural gas consumption, boiler house emissions and labor costs.

Shaves Fuel Costs

Autoflame’s patented intelligent burner control system gives the boiler exactly the right amount of fuel and air to run as efficiently as possible with minimum emission, and shaves 8%-12% off fuel costs on average. Unlike traditional linkage mechanical systems, the Autoflame is a parallel position microprocessing system that controls multiple motors independently for different fuels in the air damper for a more precise and accurate system control.

How much could you save with autoflame

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Easy Interface

Forget those clunky linkage system controls–Autoflame’s touch screen gives you a vivid graphics and management of your boiler’s combustion system. Autoflame is not a TLC system that requires you to do the programming, but an options and parameters system—the framework is built, so you choose the different elements and the way you want them to function.

Burning with Intelligence, Episode 2

Measuring Combustion Fuel / Air Ratio

Protection Against Industrial Boiler Room PLC Attacks

Automated Boiler Runtimes

Boiler Flame Safeguard Class 1 Safety Device

Digital Boiler Log Book

Setting the Boiler Set Pressure

Boiler Water Level Controls

Lead / Lag Boiler Configuration

Customizable Boiler Controls

Reduced Boiler Set Point


Perfect for Process Applications

Autoflame is ideally suited for industrial dryer, furnace and kiln applications, and just about any process job that calls for dynamic load changes. The 3-Element Feedwater Control is especially appealing for applications with big load swings as it monitors pressure, water level and firing rate, so it automatically resets the water level to keep the valve open and everything up and running productively.

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Retro-Fit Your Existing Boiler

Almost half of all Autoflame controllers sold are installed on older burners (i.e. rotary cup burners, Webster, Powerflame, and almost any burner that mixes fuel and air) to increase their efficiency as much as is physically possible.

Not only does the Autoflame make your burner more efficient, but it makes it safer as well. The controller is error checking 50 times every second to ensure safe operation, which some have compared to having a technician on site. Add Autoflame’s Exhaust Gas Analyzer, and you can trim the gases to maintain perfect combustion.


Turn-key Installation

WARE is a certified Autoflame representative and offers turn-key installation. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about this remarkable burner management system for both commercial and industrial applications. CALL 1-800-228-8861.

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