The All-In-One

The All-In-One

Sometimes you need a rental boiler, or a new boiler, and you don’t have a lot of space. Fortunately, WARE has you covered with our wide range of containerized boilers. They’re basically a “boiler in a box”, an all-in-one solution that has everything you need to generate steam in one self-contained structure. What’s more, they’re designed to be easy to transport, so you can get the boiler where it needs to go, and get up and running with just a few utility connections.


WARE containerized boilers have a brilliant innovation built into them, or, rather, around them: A Conex shipping container. If you’ve ever visited a port city or seen a cargo ship on the water, you’ve seen a Conex container. They’re the big metal boxes that are used to transport cargo around the world. They are used to transport everything that has to move across the water, or across the land, from consumer goods to medical supplies to food and more. Conex containers are also designed to transition between logistics equipment seamlessly, meaning they can be offloaded directly from a ship onto a semi trailer and get on the road immediately. 

It’s this universal compatibility that makes them so great for a portable boiler platform. Conex containers are designed to be transported, so they’re compatible with a huge range of logistics systems. Trucks, ships, cranes, and other equipment around the world are all designed to handle Conex containers. That literally opens up a world of capabilities to get a boiler from WARE to anywhere in the world. So when you need an emergency rental boiler or replacement boiler, all you have to do is contact WARE for a fast quote. 


Inside a WARE containerized boiler system, you’ll find literally everything you need to get up and running fast. Every system includes:

  • Main steam stop valves
  • Safety relief valves
  • Exhaust stub stack
  • Bolt and gasket kits
  • Safety and monitoring equipment
  • A self-contained operator work area

However, WARE also offers a range of additional equipment that can be included to make sure your containerized boiler delivers exactly what you need. Add-on equipment options include:

Water Softeners remove harmful minerals, reduce corrosion/scale and improve boiler efficiency

Feedwater Systems capture condensate return and preheat feedwater to keep the boiler operating at rate by replenishing water converted to steam

Backup Feedwater Pumps add an extra layer of security to make sure the feedwater supply is uninterrupted

Blowdown Separators provide a safe way to allow blowdown water to be cooled and drained properly

Natural Gas/#2 Oil/Propane Fuel feed the boiler’s burner

Economizers extend energy dollars by reclaiming lost heat for re-use

De-Superheaters control superheated steam temperature

Selective Catalytic Convertors greatly reduce NOx emissions to meet environmental regulations

Heat Exchangers allow heat to transfer between liquids and gasses without contact between the two

Every containerized boiler system can also be customized with options that include:

  • Gas Pressure Reducing Stations
  • Steam Pressure Reducing Stations 
  • Low Pressure Safety Relief Valves 
  • Booster Pump 
  • Gas Flowmeter 
  • CO Monitor
  • Remote Monitoring System


WARE containerized boiler systems aren’t just portable, they’re also powerful. The output of the boiler system corresponds to the size of the container. 

A containerized boiler system in a standard 40-foot Conex container can generate up to 350 hp.

A containerized boiler system in a standard 45-foot Conex container can generate up to 650 hp. And if you need a lot of steam, a containerized boiler system in a standard 53-foot Conex container can generate up to 1,000 hp. 

If you need a boiler, no matter where you are, WARE has you covered. Just contact us for a quote, 24/7. We’re always there to answer, and we’re dedicated to getting your boiler ready to go and on the way as fast as possible. Let us know how we can help.

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