A North Texas Food Plant Hits Crunch Time


A major food processing plant that uses superheated steam in their food production processes found themselves with a problem: their secondary boiler had begun to leak. Because of this, it couldn’t maintain the pressure and heat required to generate all the superheated steam the plant needed to run at full capacity.


The plant needed to maintain the necessary supply of superheated steam to run the production line while their existing boiler was taken offline for repairs.

The temporary boiler needed to be a dry-steam boiler, and it had to generate enough high-pressure steam to keep the plant running at full capacity. Downtime had to be minimal, and the rental boiler had to be powerful.


WARE experts worked with the food processing plant to determine their exact requirements for boiler pressure and temperature, and how many pounds of steam they needed per hour. WARE recommended their RB 791 Superheat Water Tube Boiler capable of delivering 75,000 pounds of usable steam per hour.


The plant was located just outside of Dallas. Fortunately, WARE operates an extensive boiler rental partner network in Texas, so they knew just who to contact to make sure the job was done right. Decker Mechanical in North Texas got the call. 


WARE enlisted Decker Mechanical’s crews to make the necessary connections from the rental boiler to the plant’s utilities. Once everything was connected, the crews performed safety testing and startup procedures, and introduced the steam into the plant’s piping and processes.

In the end, the plant had all the high-pressure, high-temperature steam it needed during the repair of their existing boiler, helping them maintain full productivity without missing a beat.

Project at a Glance

North Texas Food Plant Hits Crunch Time
Project Completion
March 2024
Irving, TX

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