Beading, Rolling, and Welding boiler tubes - The Boiling Point

Learn about beading, rolling and welding boiler tubes from a 40+ year veteran in the boiler industry.

Ritchie and Steve Taylor give us a brief overview of the process of rolling a boiler tube. Later, Jimmy joins us and demonstrates how each of the rolls look and the different processes to roll a boiler tube, including the various techniques. We also look at the Flair Roll, Straight Roll, and the Collins Roll.

​Watch the video for the full demonstration.

Questions answered in this video:
What seals the tube?
What purpose does the beading serve on the tube sheet?
What is a hot pass?
What would happen to the tube sheet without beading?
What is a straight roll?
What happens if you roll a tube too much?
Why is it common for new boilers to leak?
What is the air hammer?
What purpose does the air hammer serve?
Collins roller

Key terms:
Tube sealant
Tube Sheet
Hot pass
Air hammer
Boiler Tube
Roll a boiler tube
Collins roller
Straight roll

Remember the value of your boiler system, maintain it properly and save cost in the future.

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