Deaerator 101 for 2022 - The Boiling Point

All things deaerator today on the Boiling Point! Ritchie, Steven, and Jude walk us through a Deaerator 101- about the operations of a deaerator in the boiler room and some common deaerator problems that can stop it from properly working.

The deaerator is a key piece of equipment in your boiler room that when operating properly helps with efficiency and feed water treatment. The deaerator working properly relies on pressure and temperature and without those it doesn't work.

While water is the life blood of the steam boiler, it also can be it's destroyer if not properly treated. Pulling out the oxygen of the feedwater is crucial to keeping the boiler healthy.

0:42 What does a Deaerator do?
1:34 How does a Deaerator work?
5:30 What is Cavitation?
6:09 Common Problems
6:12 Reducing Valve Problems
6:50 Heating the water
7:58 Venting

Key Terms:
Steam System Parts
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