Freeze protection on a Rental Boiler

Did you know a boiler can freeze up like a popsicle even while it's running? Today on the Boiling Point, Ritchie talks with Steven about how to protect a rental boiler from the cold.

Even while that boiler is firing away creating steam, pipes on the outside of it can freeze up when there isn't anything flowing through it. You must protect those pipes with insulation and heat tracing. Watch the video as Steven talks through some of the pipes and areas you need to watch out for when you are using a rental boiler in the winter.

Key Words:
Steam Heat Tracing
Steam Pipe Insulation
Boiler Rental

Remember the value of your boiler system, maintain it properly and save cost in the future.

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YouTube Channel:

0:00 Introduction
0:23 Steven Taylor
2:15 If you use steam heat tracing, it must come from a separate boiler
2:29 Example of heat tracing on a pipe
3:27 Controls can freeze even while the boiler is running
4:18 When a line is dead with no flow, freezing will most likely occur
4:51 If possible, put a rain shelter over the front of the boiler
6:38 Typically the insulation will be a fiberglass wrap
8:27 When the rental is over, open every valve on the rental boiler

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