Honeywell Modulation Motor Overview - Boiling Point

Learn about Honeywell Mod Motors and their uses.

Today on the Boiling Point, Ritchie talks with BoilerWAREhouse / Parts Manager Brian Grinestaff about the Honeywell Modulation Motor and it's functions. These motors are in almost every boiler room and a crucial piece to it's operation.

Whether it's closing a single valve or driving a whole combustion system, the Honeywell Modulation Motor is a jack of all trades. The motor itself is not only limited to on / off but also can receive inputs that can then regulate it's position in it's cycle. Watch as Ritchie and Brian go through how these are used and the role these play in the boiler room.

Key Words:
Steam Boiler Efficiency
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Honeywell modutrol motor
How linkage is used in a boiler
Modulating Feed Water
Boiler Education

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