How Welding Impacts Our Lives - Steam Culture

Welding and Steam Boilers are more related than you think!

On today's steam culture, we are discussing welding and its impact on our lives. Welding and welders have a large part in our everyday lives. They create so much of the things we use every single day like football stadiums, cruise ships, our vehicles. We’ve all been affected by the work of a welder at some point.

This week's steam culture connection is welding. Steam boilers, which require tremendous strength to hold up under the intense pressure created by turning water into steam.

Watch the video to learn more about the impact welding has on our lives. Brent also shares some pretty cool stats from today’s welders, the middle ages and even some underwater welding!

What do you need about welding?
How many welders are there in the United States?
How far back does welding technology go?

Welding Advancements Discussed:
Bronze Age
Iron Age
Middle Age
Industrial Age and Acetylene Gas
Arc Welding
Underwater Welding

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