Making Wood Pulp with Steam - Steam Culture

Learn how steam is used to make wood pulp which is a precursor to paper.

Today, we look at how wood chips are broken down using a steam digester until they become pulp. We also learn the basic anatomy of a wood chip is comprised of 3 elements: water, cellulose fiber, and lignin.

The lignin and cellulose have to be separated, which is where the steam digester comes into play.

The wood chips are combined in the digester with a cooking liquid called white liquor and high pressure steam. As steam pressure builds the white liquor is absorbed into the wood chips. The white liquor acts like soap and separates the cellulose fiber from the lignin. You are then left with a wood pulp and a by-product called Black liquor.

So, what's Black Liquor? Tune in next week to find out, and Brent will tell you what it's used for.

Check out ID Forest Products for the awesome footage we used in this video.

Key terms:
Wood chip
Kraft Process
Kraft pulping process
Paper products
Cellulose fiber
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Black liquor
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