One Man's Dream of Revolutionizing Farming with Steam Power! Steam Culture

Get ready to see how steam power & culture beautifully intertwine to shape a sustainable future! 💚🚜 🌳 In this episode, we'll explore Sam Mackwell's vision of a sustainable future of New Zealand's farms using steam.

Discover how Sam's steam tractor, equipped with a unique boiler design, could revolutionize agriculture, offering a sustainable alternative to carbon-emitting diesel tractors. Plus, we'll discuss the challenges to making this green technology more affordable for farmers. 💡

That's not all! We'll also journey to the sugarcane fields of New Zealand and Fiji where Sam's steam power could transform the industry's transport system into a low carbon emission model.

Check out more info and an interview with Sam over at Stuff:

Don't forget to check out Sam's site to see what projects he's working on.

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