Revisiting Daily Boiler Maintenance - Boiling Point

Today on the Boiling Point, we are revisiting daily maintenance on your boiler room. This is an incredibly important topic that needed to make sure gets out there.

Daily maintenance is essential to the health of your boiler and the safety of your workers. Daily maintenance can prevent the build up of soot and scale, which is detrimental to your boiler's efficiency.

Without daily maintenance, boiler failures pose a large threat. Boiler equipment failures are dangerous and typically result in loss of productivity and revenue.

In more extreme circumstances, explosions occur, risking injury to the workers and damage to the facility. This is why it is imperative to have a preventative maintenance plan. Download our preventative maintenance checklist here. (

Watch the video to see a the daily maintenance operations in action and hear tips and tricks from seasoned boiler industry veterans.

Questions answered in this video:
How do the solids get to the bottom of the blowdown?
What's a quick opening and a slow opening?
Which opening do you open first?
What does the water column control?
What is stack temperature?
What is the correlation between stack temperature and steam temperature?
What is flame impingement?

Key terms:
Boiler blowdown
water column
Boiler pressure
Steady load
Boiling Point
Stack temperature
Oil filter
Steam temperature
Boiler support equipment
Make Up Water

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