Waterback vs Dryback: Boiler Design Differences - The Boiling Point

On today's episode of The Boiling Point, Gerald and Ritchie address a topic that WARE gets a lot of questions about—the difference between waterback and dryback boilers.

A dryback boiler design means that the rear wall is lined with refractory. As an example, Gerald shows us a dryback boiler by Victory Energy that is engineered to optimize water circulation, promote heat transfer, and engineered for long-term performance and reduced maintenance. Using a dryback boiler, you can use up to 10% less fuel.

Waterback boiler designs have a water gap between the furnace and back wall, and all of the heat is generated directly into water. Waterback designs are just as durable as dryback designs, but must have a heat balance in the system.

Be sure to watch the entire video for a very important announcement from WARE.

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Remember the value of your boiler system, maintain it properly and save cost in the future.

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