What you may have missed on Steam Culture

Today on Steam Culture, Brent looks back on previous episodes from over the years of Steam Culture. We really appreciate all of the viewers who watch Steam Culture and contribute to the community. Thanks!

Videos Mentioned:
**How to Cook the Perfect Hot dog (with Steam!) - https://youtu.be/7G1tqxttlIk
**How Steam Helps Make Hot Dogs - https://youtu.be/SA985qP2bSc
**The Perfect Cheeseburger with Steam - https://youtu.be/35D0WPpxi_A
**What is The Aeolipile? - https://youtu.be/eHZgw2lgCks
**Archimedes Cannon - https://youtu.be/yQwp0Bio8Jg
**What is the Steam Powered Puff Gun? - https://youtu.be/0fuhVgR1DCU
**American Steam History - https://youtu.be/x_EneX_OBk4
**Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage - https://youtu.be/qWGuz_RsgLs
**Steam and Shuttle Launches - https://youtu.be/OEq7Z23lz8M
**Water Cooled Machine Gun - https://youtu.be/4ATXcauMXrI
**Phreatic Explosions - https://youtu.be/vIIo-kXv2qg
**Incredibly Fast Steam Powered Car - https://youtu.be/yw6il5TYhDs
**Electricity and Geothermal - https://youtu.be/lV23Y9CaquE

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