Career Advice From a Veteran Boiler

Career Advice From a Veteran Boiler


Tune in to WARE's Brent Falcone as he interviews Steve Paul, a veteran Boiler Technician with over 10 years of experience. The two chat about highlights in Steve's career, notably everything from servicing boilers and connecting with customers to experiencing new job sites and faces. “One day you’re doing combustion, the next you’re doing pipe fitting,” says Steve. Today, you can find Steve fulfilling customer requests for rental equipment. His years of expertise make him knowledgeable in all aspects of boilers and equipped to assist customers and solve problems swiftly.

A company’s history and reputation are important to Steve, as he feels they can shape one's experience. He's always been open to growing and trying new things and WARE has given him the opportunity to do so. He wraps the interview with some advice to folks curious about joining the industry, “It's a great industry to get into... I would go for a company that's growing. Go into a company with growth going on.” Thank you, Steve, for being a part of the team and contributing to WARE's growth!


Challenging Aspects of Being a Service Technician:

  • Working with customers can be challenging (although it’s Steve’s favorite)
  • Long days are challenging, but they are also a plus because you can work as much as you want
  • “It’s a great industry to get into. It’s booming, it’s growing. There’s a huge need for boiler techs.” - Steve
  • Trying to troubleshoot issues and trace them — complex ones with various issues can be difficult
  • Sometimes customers get upset when you can’t pinpoint the issue

Key Traits of a Successful Service Technician:

  • Communication Skills - because customers don’t know boilers sometimes
  • Adapt to the Boiler Room - It’s critical to be able to navigate through various situations
  • Manage the Pressure - And not just the pressure of a boiler system! Steve says handling and diffusing situations with people is key, and this can be a lot of pressure
  • Value Time and Commitment - Take the extra steps and figure it out and get it done right! Some customers don’t have preventative maintenance on their equipment. Sometimes there can be various issues and more down the line
  • Accept Advice - Steve sees the value in taking advice from everyone. The seasoned technicians and the newbies — because everyone takes a different approach and there is more than one way to fix things
  • Openness and Honesty - Be transparent with customers. Don’t sugarcoat things and just go along with what they say. As a professional, it’s important to stand up for what’s right and how it works without being rude. Steve says the most important thing is: “doing right by the customer.” 

What to Look for in a Company:

  • Look for a company with a good reputation and history
  • One whose customers like and respect them
  • A company that’s honest with their customers 
  • If there are issues - they shouldn’t be covered up. A company should be transparent and honest

Advice Steve Would Give Himself 10 Years Ago:

  • Have an open mind!
  • Keep your boilers closed (when necessary) and your minds open in this industry
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