Closing the Training Gap

Closing the Training Gap

As boiler room technology advances and codes become more reliant on the “...skill and attentiveness of the operator or maintenance personnel,” the need for professional, consistent training becomes more apparent. Boiler maintenance training is no longer an informal process that is handed down from one member of the team to the next, but requires hands-on learning and immersive experiences.

The ASME boiler code demands that boiler professionals be trained properly and regularly, but beyond the quote above, the code provides few guidelines for the actual education of boiler professionals. Section VII, Subsection C2.110 stipulates that, “Operating skill implies knowledge of fundamentals, and a suitable background of training and experience,” but the specifics of this suitable background are not outlined.

Because the technology in the boiler room is changing rapidly, it’s vital that all boiler room operators and staff have a professional education in the latest protocols, regulations and procedures. However, many boiler pros have an old-school approach to a lot of new-school elements.

That’s where WARE comes in. We have a wide variety of resources to help operators and maintenance personnel maintain the standard of education and training that the boiler codes require. Our bi-weekly YouTube series, Boiling Point, will introduce you to new systems, help troubleshoot common issues, and take you in-depth on boiler room programs and processes. To get started with our video series, click HERE!

Need more help than you can find online? Then our professional development program, Boiler University, is for you. We have a brand-new campus in our hometown of Louisville, and offer Boiler 101 classes there on a regular basis. We also have a traveling course, Boiler 201, which will be coming to a city near you soon! To view the Boiler University course schedule and register online, click HERE!

Don’t let your boiler room staff get bogged down in out-moded technology and old protocols! Close the gap between technology and training with help from the pros at WARE. If you have questions or want more info, feel free to CONTACT US now!

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