How to Clean a Boiler Glass Gauge

How to Clean a Boiler Glass Gauge

When sediment collects in your boiler's sight glass, it's time for cleaning. In this video, we walk you through the steps to properly and safely clean out the sight glass. So, after you grab some protective gear and a cup of household ammonia, you will be ready to begin.

You can complete this task in four easy steps that should only take a few minutes. First, be sure both top and bottom gauges will seal off completely before continuing. Then, start with these simple steps.

  1. Close top and bottom gauge valves, but open the drain valve beneath the column.
  2. Open the top gauge valve just a fraction, so that steam pressure blows all of the water out of the drain line, leaving only steam remaining in the glass gauge.
  3. When the flow of steam is gently flowing from the tube, hold the cup of ammonia to the end of the drain line so that the steam bubbles up through the ammonia.
  4. Close the top gauge valve which will cause the steam to quickly condense in the gauge glass causing a vacuum. The resulting contraction will suck ammonia up into the gauge glass. Repeat the process until the glass is completely clean.

Watch the full video for more information. Thanks for tuning in!

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