It’s Our Kind of Town, Chicago Is

It’s Our Kind of Town, Chicago Is

This year, the All Ways Steam Team was excited to attend Chicago’s AHR Expo—one of the oldest and largest heating and ventilation shows in the world. AHR Expo offers a unique opportunity for the entire industry to get together. It plays host to vendors and exhibitors from every state in the nation, plus representatives from 165 countries around the world.

The Steam Mates were proud to be one of the 2,100+ vendors represented at the event. We met thousands of people and had a blast sharing our message with the world. Afterwards, we caught up with our general manager, Bob Shipley, to get his impressions and hear about his experience.

“We had a ball at AHR Expo, literally!” said Bob. “We gave away 5,000 foam baseballs and around 3,000 WARE t-shirts over the weekend. WARE is always remembered as the fun booth. Whether it’s Christmas-themed blazers or a barrel of baseballs, we bring energy and enthusiasm wherever we go.

“We also got great feedback from all the folks we interacted with,” added Bob. “We met quite a few potential new customers and partners, plus we got the opportunity to catch up with some of our longest-standing vendors.”

It’s always surprising to find out how many people within the industry don’t realize it’s possible to rent a boiler system in the event of emergencies or failures.

“We have a large fleet of mobile boiler rooms ready to deploy in the event of a natural disaster or a boiler emergency,” added Ritchie. “We also offer a lot of educational and informative resources for the steam industry, like our YouTube channel. It’s always good to hear from people who follow our channel and use our videos as teaching tools.”

Conventions and expos are a great opportunity to spread the word about our service offerings and to help new customers and partners. Plus, we love getting a chance to reconnect with all of our favorite vendors and meet industry leaders from around the world.

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