Knowing the Water Level in the Sight Glass

Knowing the Water Level in the Sight Glass

The sight glass is one of the most important parts of any boiler. It also happens to be one of the simplest. Knowing how to read it can tell you a lot about what’s happening inside the water side. Furthermore, checking it daily can help maintain safe operation and head off problems before they become big ones.

Every Boiler’s Different

Every boiler has its subtle differences and unique operating specs. Keeping your boiler operating safely means knowing where your sight glass’s water level is supposed to be during normal operation. Knowing the correct water level can also help with troubleshooting by giving you a literal lens into your water side. On a boiler with on/off feedwater operation, it’s important to note the water level at the moment the pump turns on, and shuts off, because the boiler should operate within that range. With the pump off, the water level will typically fall as more water is turned into steam. 

Make Your Mark

Once you know the normal high and low points in your boiler’s sight glass, it’s important to mark them either on the glass itself, or somewhere on the boiler where the marks can be easily referenced. By checking the water level in your sight glass regularly, you’ll have a good day-to-day picture of what’s going on inside. This will let you keep your efficiency up, and likely tip you off to any performance issues before they become major problems.

If you need help calibrating your sight glass, if you need a new sight glass installed, or if you need boiler service, maintenance, or parts, the professionals at WARE are standing by to help. Contact us at your convenience.

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