One Screen to Control Your Entire Boiler Room

One Screen to Control Your Entire Boiler Room

One Screen to Control Your Entire Boiler Room

When it comes to managing a boiler room, convenience is everything. There’s a lot of data going in and out of your boiler system, and you can’t afford not to have that data in one place that makes it easy to review. That’s where the Autoflame comes in.

Your Data, Made Clear

The Autoflame Mk8 is all about making your life easier. The crystal-clear, 12.5-inch is play is easy to read and work with, quickly relaying crucial data about your burner, draft control, water level and more. The Autoflame allows a user to manage and control up to four fuels, four servos and two variable speed drives. And thanks to its easy-to-read display, there’s less room for error and no struggling to read cramped, analog displays.

Detailed History at Your Fingertips

Part of understanding how your boiler system operating is having the ability to review its data. The Autoflame makes all the important information available for 24 hours. That means you can access data on air pressure, firing rate, gas pressure and more. It even keeps a comprehensive log of the last 1,000 things that have happened in your boiler room. This digital log book serves as an important record of everything that’s going on, meaning you can easily revisit the data and make sure your system is running efficiently.

A Customized Control of Multiple Systems

The Autoflame Mk8 is built for customization and offers 160 different option settings. That means you can customize what information surfaces on your controller at any point in time. Get access to information about faults, including system lockouts, and errors, alarms, warnings and up to 15 first-outs.

Impressively, the Autoflame even features an intelligent boiler sequencing (IBS) that gives you the ability to see and manage up to 10 boiler systems.

Your information is even password protected through the Autoflame, and the technology can’t be influenced by outside sources. The system’s hard-written code within the controller means it’s significantly more secure than a programmable logic controller.

Want to learn more about how the Autoflame Mk8 can make your boiler room operations smoother and more efficiently? Let’s talk.

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